A trailer of a Tamil film is currently circulating on social media. A pregnant woman struggles to unravel some of the mysteries of the past.

Mumbai: A Tamil film has been in the news for the last one or two days. This is the Tamil movie ‘ Penguin ‘‘. The trailer of this movie has been released recently and this trailer is also getting a good response from the audience.

The 2 minutes 32-second trailer of the movie ‘Penguin’ is a huge thrill. While watching the trailer, you also remember the movie ‘Joker’. The film will be screened in Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu. Actress in the lead role in this powerful crime thriller

Kirti Suresh will be seen and she is portraying the personality of a pregnant woman. A pregnant woman who tries to unravel some of the secrets of her past and read to her family will get to see all she has to do. The film is directed by Ishwar Karthik and will be his first film as a director.

Penguin’ is definitely the most challenging of the roles he has played so far. The experience of working with director Ishwar Karthik was very good. He has tried his best to bring life to the story. The experience of watching this film in Tamil and Telugu will be a bit different for the audience. The audience will definitely like this film ‘, said Kirti Suresh. The film will be released on Amazon Prime on June 19.


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