GMR Infra’s Share Price: A Look at Recent Performance

  GMR Infrastructure Limited (GMR Infra) is an Indian infrastructure company founded in 1996. The company is involved in various sectors, such as airports, energy, transportation, and urban infrastructure. GMR Infra has a diversified portfolio of projects across India and abroad, making it one of the country’s leading infrastructure companies. GMR Infra’s business operations are […]


visit In today’s digital age, making payments and conducting financial transactions has significantly transformed. One of the key players in this revolution is Global Virtual Secure Infrastructure (GVSI), a technology that is changing how we shop and pay for goods and services. GVSI is a secure and efficient digital transaction method that offers numerous benefits […]

What is the Definition of Services in Marketing?

Marketing services are interactions between customers and businesses that aim to promote customers’ experience and enhance customer satisfaction. Services are often intangible and difficult to measure, although they can significantly impact your business. There are various forms of services in marketing, such as Customer service, product or service support, sales, and technical support. Most marketers […]