The Nokia 225 now comes with a 6-element design camera with an ƒ/2.4 aperture, 1.9 megapixel BSI sensor, and 5 MP fixed focus camera, with a dual LED flash on both cameras. The phone was launched at Rs 13,999 and will be available from July 14. The company has promised to bring an updated version of this phone for Rs 12,990.

Nokia released the Nokia 225 on September 20. It is available for sale in India, priced at Rs. 8999. The handset features a 3.5-inch display with HD resolution and runs on Android 9.0 (Pie) with stock UI. It has a 2380 mAh battery that supports fast charging.

Ever wanted to buy a smartphone but found the prices too high? Then this is the review for you! We look at the Nokia 225 smartphone to see if it’s worth buying for the money.

With its sleek design, sharp screen, and built-in camera, the Nokia 225 smartphone has much going for it. But will it be enough to make up for its hefty price tag?

As a blogger who loves to take photos and share them with my readers, I always need a good camera in my pocket. When I saw the Nokia 225 on Amazon for only $60, I had to try it out.

In this review, I’ll talk about the features of the Nokia 225 camera, including its camera specs, photo quality, and performance.

Nokia 225

What is the Nokia 225

Nokia 225 is an upcoming budget smartphone launched in February 2019. It will be powered by a 1.2GHz quad-core processor along with 512MB RAM and 4GB internal memory. This phone will be available in two colors:y black and grey.

We’ve seen smartphones with built-in cameras get popular. For example, the iPhone has a built-in camera, and many Android phones have cameras.

The Nokia 225 is the first smartphone with a built-in camera, but does it live up to the hype?

While many high-end smartphones have built-in cameras, the Nokia 225 is much cheaper and has fewer features.

If you’re looking for a smartphone with a built-in camera, this phone is worth checking out.

The camera on a cell phone has become essential for our everyday lives. It’s hard to imagine life without the ability to capture images. This is the reason why we want to take a look at the best smartphones currently available.

Features of the Nokia 225

The Nokia 225 runs Android 9 Pie and features a 4.5-inch HD display of 1280 x 720 pixels. A 5 MP camera is at the back, and a 1,800 mAh battery. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 chip and has 2GB RAM.

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My phone is my lifeline, and I never leave home without it. So when it broke, I was devastated.

Thanks to Amazon, which has a huge selection of products, I found a replacement within two days.

I wanted to share this with you because it’s a good example of how technology has made our lives easier.

So if you’re looking for a new phone, I’d check out the Nokia 225. It’s a simple, no-fuss phone with some great features.

Nokia 225

Who are the Nokia 225 for

The Nokia 225 is a basic phone that is only $30. You can use the device to talk, text, or browse the internet. But it doesn’t support 3G and does not have access to apps.

If you’re looking for a cheap phone, the Nokia 225 might be the one for you.

I’m sure many of you know that smartphones have changed communication. Smartphones allow us to stay connected to our friends, families, and coworkers while on the go. They are also the perfect device for watching videos, reading books, listening to music, and playing games.

The phone you purchase will depend on your needs. The Nokia 225 is a phone for those who don’t want to spend a fortune but still want a smartphone. It has a 3.2-inch touchscreen display with a 320 x 240 resolution, a 1 GHz single-core processor, and 512 MB of RAM. It also includes a microSD card slot for additional storage. This phone also has a 5 MP camera.

The Nokia 225 has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPRS, EDGE, and 3G support.

The Nokia 225 is a very old cell phone, but it still works perfectly. It has been updated so you can use it on mobile networks worldwide.

The main features include a built-in FM radio, Bluetooth 2.0 technology, a music player, a video player, and text messaging. The Nokia 225 is the perfect phone for someone who likes retro telephones.

How much does it cost?

The Nokia 225 is a simple phone that does one thing well – calls and texts. It’s small, easy to use, and it’s dirt cheap. It will not be for everyone, but it’s hard to beat if you’re looking for a basic phone.

The Nokia 225 is a great phone for those seeking an affordable handset with a large screen. It’s one of the best smartphones for under $100 you can currently buy.

The display is 6 inches and has a 1,280 x 720 pixels resolution. It’s also got Gorilla Glass 3 protection, making it a durable and resilient device.

The 8MP camera has autofocus and LED flash and can record videos in 1080p Full HD.

The software is Android 7.1 Nougat with Google Play services.

The battery life is pretty good, and it has 32GB of storage space and a microSD card slot for expansion.

The Nokia 225 is a very good camera phone. However, it’s not the best smartphone camera on the market.

The Nokia 225 costs around $200, which isn’t too bad for a phone with a camera.

I wouldn’t recommend this phone to someone who has a smartphone.

Nokia 225

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the coolest part about the Nokia 225?

A: There are so many features on the Nokia 225, like the camera and email, which are fun and new. The fact that it can play MP3s is also pretty cool.

Q: How does the Nokia 225 differ from the iPod Touch?

A: The iPod Touch has a larger screen, but you cannot use the camera with the iPod Touch. Also, the Nokia 225 is more portable than the iPod Touch.

Q: What are the coolest things you’ve done with the Nokia 225?

A: I have uploaded a YouTube video showing how to set up the device and how to use the music player. I also have posted a video on how to set up a photo album.

Q: What inspired you to design this handset?

A: I had always wanted to create something people could use and still look stylish. The prototype was made with Lego bricks and was simple, but we kept improving it. We were careful not to put anything that would make it difficult to use.

Q: Why did you pick the name “Nokia”?

A: At the time we launched the prototype, we wanted a phone that would be timeless, like a classic car or a classic watch. Nokia is a great brand that means “to know” or “to understand.” It also represents many things—from learning to understanding and helping people. It reminds me of my first phone, an old black Nokia.

Q: Who is your target audience for the handset?

A: Our target audience is a group of young people who want to stand out.

Myths About Nokia 225 

1. Nokia 225 can be used to calculate BMI.

2. Nokia 225 can be used to calculate BMR.

3. Nokia 225 can be used to calculate Calorie Intake.


When I first heard about this phone, I thought it was a gimmick. It looked too good to be true. But after I researched it further, I discovered it works.

The Nokia 225 is an audio device to listen to your favorite music anywhere. In other words, it is a portable speakerphone.

It uses Bluetooth technology to connect to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It can also stream music from your Spotify account.

The phone comes with two batteries that last up to 30 hours each. It has a built-in FM radio.

It is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It is lightweight and compact.

In my opinion, the Nokia 225 is a great little camera for capturing still images and video. The resolution is great for low-light situations.

However, if you want something more powerful, you should look at other devices in the same price range.

The Nokia is a good option if you want something small and easy to use.