Halsey is a singer and songwriter known for her “crush” on Taylor Swift. So we are doing this makeup tutorial for both of them. This tutorial will give step-by-step instructions on the perfect cat eye makeup look.

When Halsey posted her makeup tutorial on Instagram, she didn’t expect it to go viral. The beauty guru has since amassed more than 2 million followers on social media.

Halsey’s makeup tutorials are always fun because they are real life. She doesn’t do fake makeup or pretend to be someone else. She’s just a normal girl with a passion for makeup. You’ll see hs, layers, and colors, and applies the eyeliner. You will learn the perfect cat eye.

I’ve wanted to try this look for a long time now. You will learn the perfect cat eye. And I finally got the chance to play around with the makeup. I just couldn’t be happier. I did the entire look in o..ne sitting, and the end resulting or expert! It looks very natural,  all and less.

Cat Eye

What is the best way to put on makeup?

Putting on mak,e I did the entire look in one sitting,g and the result was stunning .up is very important. Makeup can change your mood and give you a new look. So, it would help if you put on the right makeup. But if it’s a bit difficult on’t know what makeup to choose, then iare several ways to apply makeup. Some are traditThe makeup methods you use depending on what kind of makeup you want. ional, but others are more modern. The makeup methods that you use depend on what type of eye shadow.

How to use a brush for the perfect cat eye

For the excellent cat eye, you need a blending meeting.

This is an excellent type of makeup brush with a soft tip.

It would help if you used it to blend all of the colors.

You can use this technique for creating other eye shapes as well. I hope you liked this video. Subscribe to our channel and hit the bell icon to receive more videos.

How to do the perfect cat eye

I love watching videos of Halsey, she is so funny, and she is also super talented. You can see that she has an amazing talent for makeup. She has a passion for it and knows how to work with the products she uses. Halsey posted a picture of her face with only the eyes visible on Instagram. She also wrote a caption explaining how she wanted to do the perfect cat eye. I am going to show you how to recreate this look.

How to create the perfect winged eyeliner

Creating a winged eyeliner is an important step in any makeup routine, especially if you’re a beginner. You can start with a pencil and then build up to a brush, or use a pencil, lipstick, and a sponge. I chose the pencil and lipstick method.

I found a matte lip color that’s a little too dark for a natural look, and I added some light blue eye shadow to create the illusion of a wing. The first step is to apply the matte lipstick onto your lower lashline, just below the crease of your eyes.

Next, draw a line from the corner of your eye, down the side of your cheek, and up to the center of your eyebrow. The wing should be slightly thicker on the outside edge, and the color should be lighter on the inside edge.

Using the same pencil, draw a second line on the opposite side of your eye.

Next, fill the space between the two lines with a lip liner.

To finish, apply mascara on the top and bottom lashes.

How to make a smoky eye look

With the smoky eye trend taking over, it’s time to start learning how to create the perfect look. I will teach you tips and tricks for making an excellent smoky eye. The most important part of the smoky eye is your brows. They need to be defined and arched.

I recommend using a pencil brush for this. You want to define your eyes using the same brush. Once you’ve done that, apply the darkest color on the outer corner of your eyes and blend it toward your nose. If you have a light skin tone, you can skip this step.

Frequently Asked Questions Cat Eye

Q: What do you mean when you say the line should cross the lash line?

A: When applying mascara, brush it from the inside out. The eye’s interior will be thicker than the outer corner of the eye. Therefore, you must use your pencil liner to make the inside corner look wider.

Q: What would be the first step in applying makeup to your eyes?

A: The first step in doing a cat eye is using a pencil eyeliner to define the outside of the eye. Use a sharp eyeliner such as an angled pencil or liquid liner. Ensure the line goes across your lash line and into your crease. For my example, I want the line to cross the lash line over, but it might not look the same in your eyes.

Top 3 Myths About Cat Eye

1. You cannot do a cat eye with heavy eyeliner.

2. A cat eye cannot be done with a pencil.

3. It is best to do your makeup.


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