Sakshi Dhoni is a fashionista

Sakshi, the wife of former Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, is no less than a fashionista. Her fashion sense can be seen in everything from attending cricket stadiums to vacations. She often shares photos with her husband and daughter Ziva on social media. Dhoni and Sakshi got married after dating for two years. Sakshi has been in constant discussion since her marriage to Dhoni. Sakshi’s popularity is no less than that of a Bollywood heroine.

Most selfies will be seen on Instagram

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Gorgeous looking in a blue dress

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19 /50Twinning done in black color

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20 /50Witness with Ziva

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21 /50Witness in short top

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22 /50Beautiful witness

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23 /50Selfie taken with daughter

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24 /50Looking cool in a yellow dress

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25 /50Witness with friends

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