Shopify Lite is a great way to get started with your online store. It’s free to use, and you can send invoices instantly. You must sign up for a Shopify account to use this service. Once you do, you can start creating your products and listing them for sale.

Are you ready to start selling on Shopify but don’t have the time or funds to invest in an entire store? You may have heard that Shopify has a free version called Shopify Lite. It’s a way to test out the platform before you buy the full version of Shopify and learn everything there is to know about selling on Shopify. But did you know that Shopify Lite allows you to send invoices instantly?

Are you ready for the best eCommerce experience around? Shopify Lite has everything you need to get started. You’ll have access to an online store with powerful features that will save you time and money and keep your business profitable. And with a free 14-day trial, you can see exactly what you’re missing before you pay a single cent. That means you can set up your Shopify account and send orders immediately!

Shopify Lite

What are the benefits of using Shopify Lite?

The first thing to know about Shopify Lite is that it’s free. There are no hidden fees, no credit card is required, and you can set up an account in less than 5 minutes. If you decide to continue using Shopify Lite, you’ll get access to all of the features of Shopify. You can upgrade to a paid plan if you find the helpful platform. Shopify Lite is great for anyone who needs a simple storefront. The beauty of Shopify is that you can add a range of different features to the platform based on your needs and budget. Lite accounts have basic features like product listings, inventory management, shipping, and tax. However, if you’d like to make your store more personalized, you can choose from additional Shopify features. These include product information, customer messaging, sales pages, e-commerce analytics, etc.

How to get started with Shopify Lite

Shopify Lite is a free version of Shopify. With it, you can build an e-commerce store that sells physical products. It’s great for those just starting who want to see how it works but don’t have the funds to invest in a full-fledged Shopify store. To start with Shopify Lite, you need a PayPal account, a valid US address, and a credit card. You will also need a few other details, such as your bank account information, shipping information, and email address. You can also add your logo, customize your store name, and set up your domain name. Shopify Lite can be downloaded from the official Shopify website.

Why you should try Shopify Lite

Shopify Lite is perfect for those who are just starting out selling online. It allows you to create a free online shop to sell your products, and you don’t need any experience with e-commerce. The Shopify Lite software is entirely free, and you can use duplicate accounts, products, and orders from your Shopify store. Shopify Lite is a perfect fit for anyone who wants to test the waters of ecommerce and see if they can sell their products online. You can try out the entire system for free, so you don’t need to worry about spending money or risking your hard-earned cash.

What Shopify Lite can do for your business?

Shopify Lite is a completely free way to sell on Shopify. It allows you to set up a store and is the perfect way to test the platform and learn the ins and outs of selling on Shopify.

What you can do with Shopify Lite:

– Sell products from your website or marketplace

– Set up an affiliate program

– Test out templates and themes

– Set up a custom domain

– Create invoices, shipping labels, and more

– Easily import products from other platforms

– Sell products and services

Frequently Asked Questions, Shopify Lite

Q: How does it work?

A: Once you create an account on Try Shopify Lite for Free, you’ll be taken to a dashboard to upload products, add discounts, and set up shipping rates.

Q: What are some features only available in the paid version?

A: The paid version lets you connect a bank account, use SSL (secure) web pages, use a shopping cart, and use custom fonts.

Q: Is there a way to skip the credit card step?

A: Unfortunately, no. But you can send invoices to your customers without a credit card attached.

Q: Why do you have to use a credit card?

A: Because Shopify charges a transaction fee every time you purchase.

Q: Does setting up a store using Try Shopify Lite for Free take long?

A: No! If you sign up on Try Shopify Lite for Free, you’ll automatically be taken to the Dashboard. From there, you can add products, edit settings, and configure discounts, which takes about 2 minutes

Top 4 Myths About Shopify Lite

1. Try Shopify Lite for Free and Send Invoices Instantly! It will work instantly on all websites.

2. If you have an eCommerce website, you will get it for free.

3. You will be able to add products to your website in a few minutes.

4. It does not take up any space on your computer.


There are a lot of reasons to use Shopify. It’s an easy way to get started with ecommerce, you can easily integrate payments, and it’s compatible with all major web browsers. But if you’re new to ecommerce, the learning curve can be intimidating. With that said, you can get started for free with Shopify Lite. It doesn’t have all the full version features, but it offers much value.