Deepika considers bodyguard brother, salary is in lakhs

Many Bollywood celebrities keep private bodyguards to protect themselves from the crowd. Bodyguards of stars like Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have also become celebrities now.

Who is Deepika’s bodyguard?

Like her, Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has her own bodyguard. For the past several years this bodyguard has been like a shadow with her. He may have been seen with Deepika in many public places.

Rakhi binds Deepika Jalal

Deepika’s bodyguard’s name is Jalal. Deepika considers him a member of her family. Very few people know that Deepika Jalal is considered less a bodyguard and more like her brother. Every year Deepika wears Rakshabandhan Rakhi without forgetting him.

The wedding was a special invitation

You will be shocked to hear Jalal's salary

To give an example of how special Jalal is to Deepika, many relatives were not invited to Ranveer-Deepika’s wedding in 2018. But in that marriage, Jalal was standing by the girl’s right.

You will be shocked to hear Jalal’s salary

Now Jalal is so important for Deepika, his salary will be just as important .. Deepika never said anything about Jalal’s salary herself. But two-three years ago, it was said that the annual salary of bodyguard Jalal is around Rs 80 lakh.

He earns about Rs 6.5 lakh a month

This means that Deepika Padukone pays Jalal around Rs 6.5 lakh a month. Now this information is two-three years old, but now it is said that Jalal’s salary will not be less than 1 crore.

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