The coronavirus in the country has spread from the village to Delhi. An average of 25,000 people will be infected with coronavirus for three months. Amid this anxiety, experts say the infection rate may decline by mid-October.

Corona has been increasing its Kasbandabahu spread ever since. Thousands of research are being done daily to control this corona. But a study by a private firm has revealed new data on the spread of infection in India. This information shook the countryside. According to the report, experts are worried the disease will increase in the country for another three months.

Experts say the number of coronavirus infections in the country will likely increase from July 17 until October. Over 25 thousand people are currently infected in a representative government. He fears it will double in the future.

Number of Infectious Diseases in October:

Experts believe that the possibility of infection is likely to come to an end in mid-October in India. By mid-October, the number of infected people in the country could fall to an average of 20-22 thousand. The number of infections will decrease gradually.

Most of the corona-affected states in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Gujarat, and Uttar Pradesh are likely to benefit from the decision regarding tightening and limited lockdown. Experts believe that by the end of the year, the infection rate is expected to decline as other states are taking stringent measures and appropriate steps against the disease.

Altogether, the country’s coronation for almost three months is almost certain, and according to experts, it is unlikely that the coronation will drop by October.