Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the country just before the second phase of the unlock. He has announced to extend the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana till November. 90 thousand crore rupees will be spent separately due to extending the date of the food scheme.

PM Modi said that with the budget of the first three months (the announcement made on March 26, in which the ration was promised for three months), it becomes about 1.5 lakh crore rupees. Under this, five kilograms of wheat or rice will be made available to more than 80 crore people every month. Together a family will get one kilo of gram.

The lockdown was announced on 25 March. The next day on March 26, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the Prime Minister’s Poor Welfare Package (PMGKP) worth Rs 1.70 lakh crore. This included providing free food grains to the poor for three months and providing cash assistance to women, the elderly, farmers and others.


The PM appealed to the states to move towards One Nation One Ration Card. He said that the biggest beneficiaries of this will be those workers who leave their city and come to another city in search of employment.

At present, they do not get the benefit of cheap ration. Once the One Nation One Ration Card is introduced, they can take advantage of it anywhere.


PM Modi called honest taxpayers and farmers particularly active. He said that taxpayers’ money was filled with treasury and farmers grew grains. It is because of his help that the government is able to implement all the schemes. There is nothing the government can do without their cooperation.

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