If you don’t know how to increase followers on Instagram? You stay with us and read this entire post carefully and follow the tips that have been told to increase the real Instagram followers. This is our guides to promote yourself and get followers. I will guide you step by step so that you can become popular and grow your followers.

Our Guide summary:

  1. Optimizing your Instagram Account
  2. Consistent Posting
  3. Using Hashtags
  4. Using location
  5. Posting viral or Trending content
  6. Come up with Live
  7. Post Short videos

If good accounts remain a follower on your account and good posts like and the comment will continue on your post. Now the tips I am going to tell you about are not any software or tool. These are the official tips of all Instagram by which real social media followers can be increased, and always follow these tips.

Today, I increase the number of Real followers with the help of the tips that I am going to tell to Boost Instagram Followers here and increase the popularity on Instagram.

Which is the best way I follow Instagram? Before I tell you about this, let me tell you one more thing.

Here, I am not telling you about any liker tool, and I am telling you about 100% ways, which will be the evergreen way for you, and you can always boost your profile in this way.

1. Optimize Instagram Account:

Optimize Instagram Account

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The first step to grow Instagram Follower is to optimize the Instagram account, i.e., set up the profile properly after creating an account, such as setting a profile picture, Instagram Bio, and also a link to your website, channel, or any other account. It was needed as Katrina did.

Because when someone opens your Instagram account, they first see Profile Picture and Bio, in such a way, it is essential to optimize Profile Picture and Bio.

2. Consistent Posting (Almost Daily 1 Post):

Consistent Posting

Not only Instagram, but it is also essential to do a daily post to grow a follower on any social media profile of PM Narendra Modi. With this, one has to be very careful about which time to post. I posted on Instagram at 8 am and 5 pm, more and more Engagement can be received, and more and more Likes and Comments can be found on the post.

3. Creative Hashtagging:

Creative Hashtagging

I have already told you about the importance of the Hashtag “#” on the internet. Whenever we put #tag with a Word, Word becomes a Keyword, and when someone posts a video or image on Instagram, use Hashtag related to many contents.

Your post can reach more and more people, and when it reaches more people and people like your post, people will visit your profile. And in this way, the chance of increasing your follower will be increased. In this way, it is the best way to increase Instagram Followers.

Note: When using a hashtag, you need to keep in mind that you do not enter the hashtag without meaning. The post is then treated as a spam post. And the reach of your post decreases. One more thing is to add at least 8-9 hashtags.

Whenever we like or comment on other posts on Instagram or any Social Networking website, this shows our activeness, and Instagram makes the account reach more and more people. And with that, the user also checks your Instagram profile. And if your profile is impressive, then you will also follow.

When we comment on someone’s photo, some followers of that Instagram user also follow us. What do they know about you, but they must have got their eye today.

So from now on, to Boost Instagram Follower, please like other’s posts and comments.

5. Local Location:

Local Location

The 5th most important tip for growing Instagram Follower is, whenever someone posts on Instagram, set the location.

With this, Instagram sends its post to all the active Instagram users of that location. This increases the Like and Engagement very fast, and the follower is the most likely to grow because most people like to connect with the Instagram user in the location near them.

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6. Trend & Viral:

Trend & Viral instagram posts

If you want to Boost Instagram Follower Rapidly, then comment, like & post on all such topics that are in the trend and are viral because the things that are viral on the internet are the most in search and all social media & search engine Priority is given first to the posts related to such topics.

In such a situation, when you will be posting related to Viral & trending topics, then there is a chance of increasing the most real follower on your account. All the social media influencers who have seen themselves share all the posts according to the trend, and if you want real Instagram followers, you also have to stay according to the trend.

7. Post Stories & Do Instagram Live:


You must have heard about the Instagram Stories feature. In this, we can post any photo or small video clip. Which automatically expires after 24 hours.

The advantage of putting stories is that your followers keep getting updates about you. Apart from this, your stories on Instagram also go to those people who do not follow you.

While posting stories, be sure to use location and hashtag in it. Your story reach will increase. And the more the reach increases, the chances of your followers increasing.

8. Daily 1 Reels (Short Video)

Daily 1 Reels (Short Video) to increase followers

Reels video is the most followers booster technique for everyone, as many people have Instagram followers. This is a new feature of Instagram launched some time ago, in which we can make short videos up to 15 seconds and upload them. It is a new feature right now, so its reach and engagement are much more than other Instagram methods.

You can get more and more Instagram real followers from reels who will write, share and see your video. There is a guy who has increased 200k followers on Instagram within a month with the help of Reels, so you got the idea. You can see how powerful this tool is.

All you have to do is make a 15-second video from your camera for your audience and upload it on reels. After working continuously for some time, you will start seeing results.

Friends, this is such a way to grow Instagram followers, with which many followers can be made, and all these followers will not be faked because this is the way. With the help of which only real Follower Increase occurs, there is no chance of Fake Followers. Whatever method has been told here, I use them. If you also use any unique tips, then definitely share in the comment.

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