The issue of nepotism is hot in the industry since Sushant’s death. Meanwhile, some old interviews of Taapsee Pannu have come up in which she has said that Kangana does not get work, that is why she raises the issue of nepotism. Now once again, the old articles of Taapsee are also going viral on social media, to which Kangana has responded by calling them sycophants. On the other hand, Taapsee has also taken the help of some quotations in return for direct answers.

A user recently shared Tapsi’s 2017 interviews on Twitter. In return, Kangana’s team wrote in response, many sneaky outsiders are constantly trying to spoil the movement started by Kangana. They want to be in the good book of movie mafia. They get awards and films for attacking Kangana. These people openly become part of the exploitation of a woman. Shame on you. You have broken the fruits of his struggle and now gang up against him.


After such a tweet came out from Kangana’s team, Taapsee has also given her reaction on it. He has shared many quotations without taking names, in which he wrote, Do not let unhappy and bitter people drag themselves to their level, rather learn from their behavior what not to do. Apart from this, Taapsee has written many things for the bitter speaking people.


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