After China banned 59 mobile apps, the central government has now encouraged the youth of the country to create apps on their own. For this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday launched the “App Innovation Challenge Competition”. He gave this information through a poster.

The first winner of this competition will be given Rs 25 lakh, the second winner will get Rs 15 lakh and the third winner will be given Rs 10 lakh. The jury can also declare 3 more awards on its behalf. 5 lakh will be given to the first winner, Rs. 3 lakh to the second and Rs. 2 lakh to the third winner.


Modi said – Our youth give technical solutions to the whole world
Prime Minister Modi said, “Today there is a great atmosphere in India about technology and start-ups. It makes India proud all over the world. The youth of our country provide technical solutions in every field. The Corona crisis has given us new challenges. In such a situation we can improve our lives day by day with the help of technology. ”

Modi said- I can also use your created app
The Prime Minister wrote the account on LinkedIn, “The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology is launching the” Self-reliant India App Innovation Challenge “in collaboration with the Atal Innovation Mission to place young minds and products. It is in two categories. The first is that by improving the app currently being used, promote it and secondly design a new app. Make it so that I too can use your app and people of the country can also take advantage of it.

Modi also wrote in his article-

  • I urge all my friends in the technology sector to participate in it.
  • These days we are seeing great interest and enthusiasm in start-ups and technology sector to work with new thinking about indigenous apps, develop and promote them.
  • Today, as the entire nation is working towards creating a self-reliant India, this is the right opportunity to guide their efforts, trigger their hard work and guide the talent so that they can develop apps that satisfy our market And also compete with the world.
  • Can we think of making traditional Indian games more popular through the app?
  • Can we develop apps with targeted reach for the right age group for training, games?
  • Can we develop game apps for people in rehab or counseling?
  • There are many such questions and only creative technology can answer them.

Competitive things

  • You can apply for the competition till 18 July at
  • Can create app in 8 categories. For office work, you can create social networking apps, e-learning apps, news, games, entertainment, health and wealth, business and agritech related apps.
  • Only Indian entrepreneurs and youth can participate in the competition.

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